Friday, October 16, 2009

Live Radio Show From Heritage Park McDonough Talking about In Atlanta or in Hell

I will be doing a live interview for 92.1 FM at Heritage Park in McDonough on Saturday, October 17th. The owner of the station phoned today and said he picked up a copy of the book and read it yesterday. He wants to interview me about it as they do their live feed from the Heritage Park Fall Festival in McDonough. We will actually be doing the interview near the replica of Old Engine #7. I believe the AM channel is 1410 or 1420. Listen if you are in the area.


The Doctor said...

I hope your interview went well my friend. I haven't got my copy yet but I will soon. It will be interesting reading. That event was a horrifying thing for those people back then; not only the victims but the local residents as well. Time has healed the wounds but the memories still linger.

Caprice said...

Hi Prof!
I HATE that I missed it!
Gosh! Miss one day of checking your blog and see what I miss!