Friday, February 25, 2011

Appearing as guest on Squatchdetective Radio Show This Sunday, February 27th

I am excited to report that I will be the guest on Squatchdetective Radio Show this Sunday night at 8:00 p.m.  The show is hosted by Steve Kulls and Chris Bennett.  Many of you may remember Steve Kulls from MonsterQuest from the episode on the New York Bigfoot. 
Check out their website at:
The radio show is at this site:
The show is this Sunday night at 8:00 p.m. and the link will tell you how to log in and listen.
Hope you enjoy!!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Altamaha River Area Seems to Be a Hotspot for Bigfoot Sightings

The Altamaha River area of Georgia tends to be a very active area in terms of Bigfoot sightings.  Recently, I have had several emails and found several reports of sightings and activity in the area.  One reader on Facebook sent me a message that contained stories about two sightings in the McIntosh County area.  The first was a story told to the reader by a friend of his who was with his father in McIntosh County in a swampy area.  They were both on foot walking a railroad track deep in the woods. According to the story, the area where the tracks were had been cleared out about 20 feet. In the distance, the man and his father could see what they thought was a man walking across the tracks.  Not being a Bigfoot believer, the man said he was a bit perplexed by what he saw. He said that it may not have been a man afterall, as what he saw was over six feet tall, had lots of hair all over its body, and had arms that were long and hung down its side for quite some length.  In another story told to me by this same reader, he and a friend of his were on the Altamaha River for a hunting and camping trip.  It was the summer of 2005, and he and his friend decided to go for a late night boat ride. Finding a creek running off the river that they had never seen, the two decided to explore the area to see if there was any game there that they might come back later and hunt.  They boated about a mile up the creek when they decided to stop the motor and listen.  On the banks of the creek could be heard loud growling sounds and what sounded like the crashing of tree limbs and the breaking of tree branches in the woods.  The animal seemed to get more and more irritated as the pair remained on the creek, and as this happened, it became louder and seemed more aggressive in terms of breaking things in the woods.  Deciding that it was time to go, the two cranked up the boat and left the area before they saw whatever was making these awful growls and tearing up the woods face to face.
At the BFRO website there are a number of reports from this area of Georgia.  In one, posted in November 2008, a man was hunting with his uncle on the Altamaha River.  As he sat on the bank of the river, he looked to his side and noticed what he thought was a huge man standing near a tree.  He described the "thing" as being very tall, built like a football player, and hairy.  In fact, he said the thing was covered with hair about a foot long. It had a greyish cheek and a pointed nose with beedie eyes.  He looked away and then back again, and whatever this was had left.  After hearing some splashing in the water, he realized that whatever he had seen was now in the river. He walked closer, which elicited a 15-20 second growl from the animal.  The witness said that when the animal growled, all the squirrels in the vacinity ran toward him. 
There have been other sightings reported along the Altamaha River basin. It is a very large area, and the river itself is ripe for such events.  But I can't help but think that there is quite a bit of activity, or sightings at least, in that area.  Perhaps someone has heard of these types of encounters in that area. As a matter of fact, the witness in the BFRO story above says that there is a Wayne County legend called "Feets." It would be interesting to hear more about this.  I grew up and lived for quite some time in Montgomery County. The Altamaha River is formed at the south end of that county near Uvalda.  It is an impressive sight. I had never heard stories like this while I was growing up there. I still have lots of family there now.  I return to the area on holidays and family visits. Perhaps I ought to try to find out if there have been newspaper stories in my hometown paper that contain reports and sightings of weird animals on the banks of the Altamaha. 

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bigfoot in Georgia Gets Excellent Review in Daniel Perez's Bigfoot Times

Daniel Perez, the editor and publisher of The Bigfoot Times Newsletter, and well-known Bigfoot researcher, gave me rather good marks on my book Bigfoot in Georgia. In his December 2010 edition of the newsletter, he reviews the book. Some of his comments are below:
"Jeffery Wells, a department chairman for Georgia's Military College's Atlanta campus, has penned a rather interesting work on reports of Bigfoot in Georgia."  He goes on to say, "The author discusses the Georgia Bigfoot hoax of 2008, which attracted international attention, but wisely keeps the discussion brief."  He further writes, "BIGFOOT IN GEORGIA is well done, with references cited, and it is a very affordable book."
To be fair, he did have one criticism, with which I cannot totally disagree. He states, "His 'What is Bigfoot' chapter is long winded and goes over information already covered in other books."  I can see his point, but the reason I gave such a detailed account in that chapter is I knew many people who read the book would be new to Bigfoot studies, and I wanted to make sure they would have this opportunity to understand the background and the overall context in which the book fit. 
I want to thank Daniel for his kind words.  He even put a large copy of the book cover on one of the pages.  Also, thank you to Shane Honea, who sent me the copy of the review.