Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Author Appeared on Destination America's Haunted Towns-Episode 8-McDonough, Georgia

So the guys from Tennessee Wraith Chasers, better known for their show Ghost Asylum did another show for Destination America called Haunted Towns. The premise of the show is that these guys, who constitute a paranormal research group, visit towns in America that have a haunted past and are supposed to be haunted and have lots of paranormal activity. Among the towns visited were Gettysburg, Pennsylvania; Vicksburg, Mississippi; Cape May, New Jersey; River Falls, Massachusetts; Salem, Massachusetts; Brisbee, Arizona, and two locations in Georgia-Savannah and McDonough. In visiting McDonough, the producers and cast hoped to learn more about The Camp Creek Train Crash of 1900 and its impact on the area, particularly if the hauntings in McDonough might be caused by the crash. Back in May, the team contacted me and asked if I would be willing to be interviewed as part of the show. Naturally, I agreed, and we did the interview on the banks of Camp Creek.  It was hot, muggy, and a lot of fun.

The show aired on October 3, 2017. The show included my interview, a visit to someone named Jill's house to talk about a doll and hauntings at her home. I have NEVER met Jill, do not recognize the home, and have never heard anything about a doll that might be possessed or have connections with the crash. Historically speaking, there is no record of any child on board the #7 train that crashed at Camp Creek, so I can say with certainty that that doll is not associated with the train crash, and it would be the better part of wisdom to assume had the doll been on board the train, it would have been destroyed. The youngest survivor on the train was a young lady in her teens who was traveling with her teacher. The other young person on the train was a young boy; I am pretty sure he would not have had a doll.  So I am sort of puzzled as to what this was all about.  Nevertheless, the episode aired, and can be seen at the Destination America website. I have provided the link below.


Saturday, July 1, 2017

Bigfoot in Macon County Watches Men BBQ a Hog; Owner of Property Says the Bigfoot is a Common Presence on the Property

BFRO researcher David Bakara, and owner of Expedition Bigfoot: Sasquatch Museum, investigated a Bigfoot sighting in Macon County, Georgia recently.  The sighting, which took place in early 2017, happened as the witness and his father were grilling a hog.  Standing there attending to their grill, the men looked up and saw a large, dark and hairy figure looking back at them. The witness who reported the incident to David Bakara said that he immediately grabbed his cell phone to take a picture, and as soon as he snapped the photo, the figure was gone.  The link to the report has the cell phone photo.
The figure is indeed dark and hairy. Afterwards, the men went to the area where the figure was standing and investigated. Per their recollection of where the figures head paralleled the tree it was standing near, the figure was around 8 feet tall. Perhaps more interesting than anything else concerning this sighting was the remark of the property owner who, when asked about the incident by the witnesses and showed the photo, remarked that he sees this figure on the property all the time.

Check out the report and the picture.  It appears that there is something weird in the photo.