Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Ghost Video at Colonial Park Cemetery in Savannah, Georgia

A young man from Akron, Ohio came to Savannah, Georgia to visit his aunt for the Christmas break. For Christmas, he had apparently been given (or allowed to use) a new video recorder. As with anyone from other parts of the country, the young man and his family were excited about touring Savannah with its colonial, antebellum, Civil War, and Victorian era homes and historic locations. Most interestingly, the young man was eager to visit the city because he had heard it was the "most haunted city in the nation."
Upon visiting Colonial Park Cemetery, founded in 1750 and located in downtown Savannah, he captured something quite interesting on film. Fox News (I assume the local Akron affiliate) reported on the findings and someone has loaded the video on Youtube. The link to the site where the video is located can be found by clicking on the title of this story.
So was it the ghost of a young boy? The video is copyrighted, but follow the link to the Youtube story.