Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fourth Anniversary of the Disappearance of Tara Grinstead

As you know, I have been following the mystery surrounding the disappearance of Tara Grinstead, an 11th grade history teacher from Ocilla, Georgia. She mysteriously vanished back in October 2005. The case is very strange, as it does not appear that Tara was the victim of an abduction. Her case was thought to be related to the disappearance of Jennifer Kesse in Orlando, Florida, but as teams with both investigations met, it became apparent that they were unrelated.

One thing of note happened this year in the case. A video started appearing on Youtube from someone called catchmekiller. The guy in the video claimed to be involved in her disappearance. Investigators came up with the identity of the man in the videos; his name is Andrew Haley. He was indicted this past July 2009 and charged with tampering with evidence and making false statements in connection with a criminal investigation. Apparently, Haley was mentally disturbed and wanted attention. He made comments in the videos, which were said to have been posted in February 2009, that he had something to do with her murder and disappearance. Haley is from Gainesville, Florida from what I understand.

The search for Tara Grinstead continues. The GBI are now focused on the fingerprints taken from the latex glove found in her yard. They have yet to find a match among the suspects or in national databases. It appears that this case has hit a brick wall. It makes me wonder if Tara Grinstead is still alive. Perhaps she left on her own free will. Some have said that she would have returned by now if that were the case, for her mother died of cancer not long ago, and those who knew Tara find it hard to believe she would not have made some attempt to come home or be close to her mother in her last days, or at least be part of her burial and memorial. So far, however, there has been no sign of Tara Grinstead. I wonder what has become of the house she lived in. I wonder if it is still vacant, or if someone else has moved in. From what I remember, Tara was renting the home when she disappeared.

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The Doctor said...

My sympathy goes out to her family because she has been gone some time now. Just as that lady from Blairsville that disappeared this year. These cases are strange in themselves and leave a definite mystery just as the Mary Little case.

Caprice said...

Wow, that is awful!
That was a pretty good web site. It really turns Tara into a flesh and blood person. All those great pictures of her smiling and showing her classroom door with "We Miss You" on it! Really pulls the heart strings. She looks very healthy and happy. Doesn't look like the type of person who would just run away. And it looks like she has lots of family and friends who care about her.
There's just no way to know what happened to her. There are so many possibilities.

Anonymous said...

I've been following Tara's story from the beginning. It certainly is puzzling. I don't believe that Tara is alive. From what I've read about her, she was very close to her mother and I'm sure that she would have contacted her to let her know that she was ok.

I read somewhere that her house is being rented by another teacher.

Anonymous said...

Psychic Information:
I have been following the case since I saw it on television once about the missing teacher and I meditated on it and found out that Tara was murdered and buried not far from her home.
I see a clearing surrounded by trees and that is where she was buried, and since I live in another state I cannot pinpoint the spot and I also can't prove this because its psychic informatin but I personally believe it to be accurate and in the psychic information I believe I know who killed her but since the man has an alabi and has been cleared I don't think I should put his name here.

Tara is with her mother in spirit whom as we know died of cancer after she came up missing.
I fear that the killer may never be brought to justice because he is one cool confident character as far as I can tell from what I have read about him on the internet.
My Psychic information showed him to me as a vicious man capable of this murder and now he is going along with his life as though nothing happened, and I believe he should know that spirits can follow the guilty for years and he right now may be able to feel the spirit of tara following him and she may follow him till the day he dies if he doesn't confess to what he did to her and show the authorities where he put her body, so her soul can find peace in the spirit world.

Unknown said...

It was the former student that was infatuated with her, the one that knocked on her door once at 2 a.m. Psychic St. Clare nailed it-he was obsessed, high on meth, and had a gun. This case will be solved within 3 years from today, by mid 2013 at the latest. He was silently stalking her and hid in her house. He had cased the house before, and previously left a way to enter it undetected.

Unknown said...

I too have Psychic ability thru dreams. Tara has called out to me. The other post is correct. There are trees. It's near a power line the ATVs ride thru the area planted pines approx 9+ years old are planted to the northeast side of the power lines. Tara's spirit has called out to riders passing by. The event at her house was not what it seems. The perp. called a man old enough to be his father. The man stood in the door way of the kitchen, leaning on the door wal. He was wearing dark pants, white shirt and a dark muted tie. He was there at her house early Sunday morning. I would be glad to help if someone would listen.

Oneiromancer said...

Between August 2007 and February 2010, I literally had a dozen dreams about Tara Grinstead and the man who killed her. The 4th dream said that her body will be found within a clearing that I think is located in the pine uplands area of General Coffee State Park. Subsequent dreams told me that a serial killer named Gary Michael Hilton was responsible for her abduction and murder. I've given detailed descriptions of my dreams to the GBI and the FBI, and even to Tara's sister, but I received no response from anyone.