Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Book Signings This Weekend for In Atlanta or In Hell: The Camp Creek Train Crash of 1900

My new book "In Atlanta or In Hell: The Camp Creek Train Crash of 1900" will be enjoying its first two of several book signings this weekend, just in time for Halloween. The first one will be Friday, October 30, 2009 in Decatur at Eagle Eye Book Shop. I will be there signing books with two other History Press authors. The address is 2076 N. Decatur Road. The number is 404-486-0307. We will be there from 6:30-8:00 p.m.

The second book signing will be the next day, Halloween Day, October 31st from 11:00 a.m. until 3:00 at Bell, Book and Candle at 42 John Frank Ward Boulevard in downtown McDonough. The number is 770-957-1880. At Bell, Book and Candle, the owners will be providing some light refreshments. After the book signing, the Haunted McDonough tour will be conducted. You might want to make reservations for that since it will be a big night. Last week, they had over 80 people on the tour.

My next book signing will not be until December 11th at Morrow High School in Morrow, Georgia. This will be sponsored by Barnes and Nobles and the History Department of Morrow High School. I will actually be doing a book discussion and signing there. This will be part of their annual book fair.

Come join me at any of these events. The Halloween signings will be a lot of fun.


The Doctor said...

I hope the book signings go well my friend. I was out on North Decatur Rd just down the street from the bookstore at one of my doctors yesterday. This book should be a great resource for the area.

The Doctor said...

Hello my friend. I wanted to also say that there is an inherent evil that lurks through the streets of town and in the hollows of the backwoods that hide within the hills of Henry County. It can be felt as a touch on the skin or the breeze in the ear. This evil came here with man and is amongst us daily but has an affinity for causing trouble and entering the minds of the weak for the purpose only it knows. Just as that train wreck that night and all those souls that died in the carnage was it all from the washed out trestle or did it have some help as that was a terrible night in Henry County. A lot of other disasters took place that night as mills were washed away and homes were flooded. One thing that might have precipitated this evil is the beginning of the destruction of Johnson's Hill east of McDonough about where the library is today. That hill had a presence according to those who lived there. Times were different then and people lived by the Word and by the omens. But that night at the trainwreck there was a horror that most never experience death by burning in a trapped area. Those screams came from those who wanted to live but the fire took them. Those that drowned that night did so in a torrent that hasn't been seen since. Remember evil lies in wait and will rise up to cloud the mind and cause a person to see things not there or take over and ruin the soul of that person. Around the shadows and whispers of the wind one can feel the coolness of evils breath that lingers with the smell of death.

Caprice said...

Great looking book, Professor!
I'm glad you are putting pictures up on your blog.
I really enjoyed reading "In Atlanta or In Hell".
I had some questions for you.
I do not remember them now, but I'll look over the book again and comment my questions to you.

madge1967 said...

Hey Prof Jeff!
I just got off the phone to my brother in Jacksonville FL! He wants a copy of your book as well!
I can't wait until you do another book signing!

The Professor said...

I am glad you were there, and let me know when you get that book for your brother. I will autograph it personally. Happy Haunting!!!

madge1967 said...

Your Welcome! Jeff!
I'm excited!