Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bigfoot in Georgia Gets Excellent Review in Daniel Perez's Bigfoot Times

Daniel Perez, the editor and publisher of The Bigfoot Times Newsletter, and well-known Bigfoot researcher, gave me rather good marks on my book Bigfoot in Georgia. In his December 2010 edition of the newsletter, he reviews the book. Some of his comments are below:
"Jeffery Wells, a department chairman for Georgia's Military College's Atlanta campus, has penned a rather interesting work on reports of Bigfoot in Georgia."  He goes on to say, "The author discusses the Georgia Bigfoot hoax of 2008, which attracted international attention, but wisely keeps the discussion brief."  He further writes, "BIGFOOT IN GEORGIA is well done, with references cited, and it is a very affordable book."
To be fair, he did have one criticism, with which I cannot totally disagree. He states, "His 'What is Bigfoot' chapter is long winded and goes over information already covered in other books."  I can see his point, but the reason I gave such a detailed account in that chapter is I knew many people who read the book would be new to Bigfoot studies, and I wanted to make sure they would have this opportunity to understand the background and the overall context in which the book fit. 
I want to thank Daniel for his kind words.  He even put a large copy of the book cover on one of the pages.  Also, thank you to Shane Honea, who sent me the copy of the review. 


Old crow said...

Gd job on the review

masterbarber said...

Great review Professor!
Quick question, You were slated to do an appearance at Bell, Book and Candle to discuss your Book. Any updates on when you'll be making your presentation?

The Professor said...

Hi Masterbarber:
I did a signing at Bell, Book and Candle on December 18th of this past year, but right now, no further dates have been set. I am going to be on a radio show this coming Sunday, February 20th. I will keep you posted on upcoming dates in the area.

masterbarber said...

Thank you Professor. I have your blog on my follow list and will be checking back frequently.