Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Cop, A Video of Bigfoot in Dahlonega, The Animal Planet and Me

Not long ago, a police officer and citizen riding along caught sight of what they thought might have been a Bigfoot.  The pair was driving at night in the Frogtown area of Lumpkin County when, on a dark and desolate stretch of the highway, a creature resembling the legendary Bigfoot crossed the road at amazing speed.  The incident was caught on the dashboard camera of the cruiser. 
The video has been circulated on the internet, and although some say it is a hoax perpetrated by two North Georgia College and State University students, the campus of which is located in nearby Dahlonega, the incident has become part of the Bigfoot legend in Georgia. 
Recently, a producer from The Discovery Network, contacted Mary Scott, the civilian riding along with the officer, as well as members of the BFRO about coming to North Georgia and filming their stories and following along on an outing for their documentary on the legend of Bigfoot in Georgia.  The producer has also contacted me about commenting on the Cherokee and Creek legends of forest giants said to be Sasquatch, as well as the story surrounding Track Rock Gap. My interview will be held at Track Rock Gap. 
The link to the story in The Dahlonega Nugget is here:
The interview should be fun, as I am going to be talking about the Native American lore and stories that focus on animals that are thought to be Bigfoot, or at least bare some resemblance. 
I am most interested in this talk of a hoax, as hoaxes do quite a bit of damage to sincere research in this area, but I will be posting more on this as things unfold.


Unknown said...

Do you have any idea when this program will be aired? Or even when they will be filming it? Sounds like a great opportunity for you to share some of your knowledge! Let us know when it will be aired so we can watch! Thanks!

The Professor said...

Unfortunately, Jeremy, I don't know. Sadly, the production crew in charge of filming decided at the last minute to rearrange things, and my part in the episode was not filmed. Not sure why things worked out the way they did. Not really happy with the way things worked out either.

vampriess_angelz said...

A Preview of the show aired on Animal Planet on Monday, May 30th. Its called Finding Bigfoot and will be a series of shows thereafter following on sundays, The Georgia portion of the series is what aired Monday.

vampriess_angelz said...

Sorry for the intrusion was reading the artical on this site and thought to add the Show in question is called Finding Bigfoot and a preview of the pilot was shown Monday the 30th which was the Georgia episode. I wished they had left your information and knowledge of the native american lores would have made a much more fasinating piece. The pilot will be shown on Sundays.

Anonymous said...

Watching the film clip tonight it could be also one of those monkeys or chimps that escaped a few years ago at some experment plant for medical research in south texas