Friday, February 5, 2010

More Good Reviews for Bigfoot in Georgia: This one from the Southeast Sasquatch Association

I just saw where the owner of the blog, Southeast Sasquatch Association, reviewed my book today. Here is his post on his website. Click on the title of this article to see the website. Here is a clipping and pasting of his comments:

Taken from the Southeast Sasquatch Society Website:

"Friday, February 05, 2010
Book Review: Bigfoot In Georgia by Jeffery Wells

Really good book on reports from the Peach State

This book, written by the social sciences and education department chairman for Georgia Military College's Atlanta campus, is a really terrific treatise of reports from the southern state. It covers reports mainly from a logical area, the North Georgia Mountains, mainly the northern counties in the Peach State. There are also reports from the metro Atlanta area near the town of Newnan, the same area the movie Deliverance was filmed in. Sightings from southern Georgia are also profiled, more particularly the Georgia/north Florida border. There is also an entire chapter devoted to the fairly famous Elkins Creek cast, which was examined by Jeff Meldrum and Jimmy Chilcutt and given the stamp of approval. Names such as the Belk/Belt Road Booger and the Happy Valley Horror are given to localized Sasquatch creatures, and frightening encounters are also recounted. Organizations such as the Georgia Bigfoot group are profiled, along with a reporter, Wayne Ford, who not only writes about Sasquatch, he investigates them as well. The recent infamous hoax is skimmed over very quickly and hardly mentioned, which is a good thing, because the book is really good and informative enough without it. I highly recommend this book, which from what I understand is the first in a series highlighting reports from all 50 states. **** out of *****
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The Doctor said...

It looks like my friend you have succeeded. The association giving it's approval will no doubt help bring other readers who might not know about the book. It is nice to see good reviews from various sources to help validate the work so it can be seen as something of value in the world of which it speaks. Again very nicely done sir.

Caprice said...

That was a GREAT review!

The Doctor said...

You know folks mysteries grow with silence after the fact. Maybe that is why a mystery is growing right now. We never know what will come from the forest next.

The Doctor said...

The mystery of the snow in Georgia.
Every now and then it snows here in Georgia to remind people that we do get snow here. There have been reports over the years after a good snowfall especially in North Georgia about people finding tracks of large footprints in the snow. These tracks are large and are of an upright creature moving through the snow in an unknown destination. This could be The Bigfoot or some other animal but it would be interesting to find out what.