Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Chad Arment, Author of The Historical Bigfoot, reviews my book, Bigfoot in Georgia, on his blog

Chad Arment, who wrote the book "The Historical Bigfoot," reviewed my book," Bigfoot in Georgia," on his blog at I have clipped and pasted his review below. A link to his blog can be accessed by clicking on the title to this post. Overall, it was a positive review.

This is taken from his blogsite,, author and creator-Chad Arment.

"Monday, January 04, 2010
Bigfoot in Georgia

The publisher recently sent me a copy of Jeffery Wells' Bigfoot in Georgia, so I'll note a few things here for potential readers. First the basics:

Bigfoot in Georgia
Jeffery Wells
Pine Winds Press (Idyll Arbor); 2010
ISBN 978-0-937663-17-2
165 pp., retails for $18.00

Let me start off pointing out that Amazon currently has the book discounted (on pre-order) to a bit over $12, so don't be afraid of the $18 price tag.

The book covers Bigfoot sightings in Georgia, including regional Native American tales, some early newspaper accounts, and other stories up to the present day. There is discussion in the first chapter on the overall history of Bigfoot sightings, another chapter discusses the Elkins Creek cast, and he devotes a fair bit of text to specific organizations or researchers (for example, a chapter on journalist Wayne Ford).

The author is a professor at Georgia Military College (Atlanta campus), and his ability to write is certainly above par for the subject. This is a decent state guide on the topic, and the author handles it objectively. It looks like most of the reports come from other researchers and organizations, so the scope of sightings may be familiar to the more well-versed Bigfoot enthusiasts. That's not a bad thing -- if anything, more regional Bigfoot organizations need to seek out individuals like Wells to organize and write up their files in a professional manner. Too many guides (or websites) are haphazard or don't convey an objective approach to the subject. I would have liked to have seen a more thorough survey of sightings in this book, but I suspect it would be too difficult to manage that while dealing with the various personalities in Bigfoot research. That's one reason I don't bother with this topic much myself."


The Doctor said...

A very nice review my friend from Mr. Arment. He gave you a good review across the spectrum. I am glad to see that this book is being received well for you sir.

Caprice said...

Great review!!
I'm not surprised, though.
I read it and really enjoyed it.

The Doctor said...

It is good to see those like yourself who seek the answers or the probabilities that lie in our world. Seeing also the historical significance of stories that are sometimes far from mysterious. Our state and community should be proud to have someone who cares to let others know about the wonders around them and the history which they have built upon.