Friday, January 8, 2010

Upcoming Book Signing for In Atlanta or in Hell: The Camp Creek Train Crash of 1900 and other media items

I will be in Cobb County signing copies of In Atlanta or in Hell: The Camp Creek Train Crash of 1900 on Saturday, February 6th from 9:00-10:30 a.m. for Eagle Eye Book Shop at their set up at the Southeastern Flower Show in the Cobb Galleria. Eagle Eye Book Shop is located in Decatur, and I did a book signing at their bookstore back in October on the night before Halloween. If you are in the area, drop in.

In addition, I have been contacted by James Wojonowski and Jeff Cooper of J2 Productions, a local production company in Henry County, about appearing in their documentary on the train crash. Others will be interviewed as well, but James wanted me to appear and discuss my research on the crash and the book. I really appreciate them asking, and I am a fan of their work. Check out their videos on Youtube. Go to and search for Henry County Georgia or McDonough, Georgia and several of their videos should come up.

Caprice Walker of Bell, Book and Candle is working with me on organizing a book signing for my new book Bigfoot in Georgia very soon. I will update you on when that will be.

I will also be a guest speaker at Paranormal Expo 2010 in downtown Atlanta on January 30th. I will be discussing Bigfoot in Georgia. This is being sponsored by our good friend, Dr. William Lester, on whose show I have appeared several times. I am excited about being asked to be there, and it looks like he has some pretty interesting people lined up to speak. I can't wait. Click on the title to the post to see his website and information on the event.


scooter said...
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scooter said...

cool news prof!

Good luck on your presentation and acting. Be careful those guys at J2might have you and Caprice starring at the Sundance Film Festival!

The Doctor said...

It sounds like you are going to be very busy my friend. This will help to spread your writing name across the region and then further. Hopefully all will work out well for you with all this.

Caprice said...

Very Cool!
I think the Paranormal Expo will be very interesting! I'll check into attending. Are we allowed to bring in rotten tomatoes?
Just asking a non-related question. Has nothing to do with your speaking engagement...

Ha! Scooter... Sundance Film Festival!