Tuesday, June 23, 2009

109th Anniversary of the Camp Creek Train Crash

Today marks the 109th anniversary of the Camp Creek Train Crash of 1900. The crash took place on June 23, 1900 near McDonough, Georgia. The site today is still an active railroad line. It is right off Georgia Highway 42 north of the city of McDonough. Turn off Highway 42 on to Ivey Edwards Lane and the railroad line will be dead ahead. Once you cross the track look to the left and you will see the bridge over Camp Creek. Be careful when visiting this area. This is still a live track. The creek is not very big now, but on that fateful night, it was a raging river. Keep in mind when you visit this location that it was the sight of a tragedy. Be respectful.


scooter said...

interesting reminder Prof!

Is there any kind of memorial/marker on the site?

It might interesting to look at but I'm not sure I'd get much out of seeing it. I went to NYC in 2002and went by the WTC. Just kinda left me with a hollow feeling emotionally and very perplexed thought-wise.

Maybe the idea is to pay your respects.

The Professor said...

There is no marker or anything. It is still a live track. The creek underneath is not big at all. I went more or less to pay my respects and to be there on the anniversary. I plan to do that as often as I can on the 23rd of June.

By the way, my book on the train crash will be released by The History Press this October. (at least that is what they say) I also have a release coming up this August for my book Moments in McDonough History. It will be a short book (80 pages or so) but I thought you might want to come by for the book signing at Bell, Book and Candle.

Caprice said...

Hi Prof!
I hear there was a nice crowd last night.
Hi Scooter,
I went last year. I got the impression that people went for several reasons. Some just to pay their respects, others to pay respects and to see if there is any ghostly activity on the anniversary of such a tragic accident. I went because I did not want to be left out. :)

Caprice said...

BTW, Prof,

I am anxiously awaiting your books!! I cannot WAIT for the signing! I need to get one before the signing, though, so I can have it read and we can discuss it with prospective buyers.

scooter said...

10-4 on the signing Prof! Just make sure to post a date and time somewhere, I'll try my best to be there.

LOL Caprice on not being left out. :)

BTW, I replied again on the 'other' thread about Jeff and Jeff. :)

Caprice said...

Hi Scooter,
Thanks for the "nod".
Gotcha on the other thread.

Unknown said...

Where is the site at of train wreck off of sr42 in McDonough