Saturday, November 22, 2008

Update on the Tara Grinstead Post and Case

After my post about the disappearance of Tara Grinstead from Ocilla, Georgia in 2005, I got lots of emails and a few comments on the site itself. As you can see, that post got the most responses from readers. One person that emailed me concerning the case was heavily involved in the case itself and has been following it since 2006. He emailed me to discuss some of my hypothesis. I asked him if I could quote him. He never got around to responding to that, so out of respect for him, I will not give his name here, but I will update you on what he said to me in his email discussion.

In my post, I suggested that Tara's abductor probably drove her, in her car, to another location. I even surmised that the abductor was a man due to the driver's seat being pushed far back in the car, much further back than would be necessary for Tara to drive it. This researcher told me that the seat was moved by someone who got to the car before police could secure the perimeter. That same person also washed the car. So, there really is no proof at all that the car was driven after Tara disappeared. As a matter of fact, according to this professional, it is highly unlikely that anyone drove the car. It is his opinion that whoever took Tara did not use her car.

I also read recently that there was a strange vehicle, a black truck, seen at Tara Grinstead's home shortly after her disappearance. I have not heard what connection this vehicle had to the case, but there was something strange about the driver and the fact that he was parked at Tara Grinstead's house after her disappearance. If anyone has any additional information on that development, please post it here or email me.


Unknown said...

The theory a man drove the car because the seat was pulled way back is bs. My wife and daughters pull their seat back every time so as to not grab their clothing/hose. Out of habit they will do this every time, even if wearing shorts. I know, I have to get in the car and pull the seat up to reach pedals, and I'm 5-11.

The Professor said...

I don't think that that theory is so disagreeable. And I want to warn you against using terminology like "bs" in this blog. I don't mind you commenting and disagreeing as long as you elevate your remarks. If you disagree with one of my ideas, that is perfectly fine. Just comment on it in an academically acceptable way.

That being said, I never said it was totally impossible that the driver of the car was anything other than a man. While I understand what you are saying and have noticed that a time or two myself from ladies who drive, I have noticed more of them leave the seat in the same position it was in when they drove it. On a number of occasions I have heard women in both my family and others complain when their husbands drive their cars and do not put the seat back closer to the steering wheel. I said that it was likely that if her car was driven, then it was more than likely a man who did it since the car seat was moved way back. In this case, we know that Ms. Grinstead more than likely did not move the car seat backward, as the gentleman that I mentioned in the post told me, it was someone else who did so before police had secured the area. If your wife and daughters adjust the seat, well, then so be it, but that is not something most women do out of habit. Plus, all the sources I have read, some of which were written by people who knew Ms. Grinstead, or had interviewed them as witnesses, seemed surprised that the seat would be back that far, which leads me to believe that she did not normally do that. However, all of this is a moot point since the scene was somewhat spoiled before the police secured the area. This kind of seems to me that the seat was still in the position that Ms. Grinstead left it in(close to the steering wheel.) The person who moved it pushed it back, thus indicating that Ms. Grinstead, like most women, did not move her seat back. So in that, I admit I was in error because I did not have all that information. Nonetheless, I do maintain that the theory that a man more than likely drove her car is not impossible. But then again, now that we know someone pushed the seat back before police secured the scene, it is more likely that the last person to drive her car was her.

Sparky said...

I believe all these theories are feasible. I never move my seat once it's properly placed for my height. It's too much trouble to keep finding that 'perfect' spot, but that's just me.
Well, keep asking questions and hoping for an answer. Someone "out there" knows what happened.
It sure would be nice if this case could be resolved for her family. I hope for her family's sake, they can have an end to it soon.
♥ ∞

Unknown said...

Black Truck:

Newspaper Article

Nancy Grace: CNN (Scroll down)

Discussion re black truck @ Crimelibrary Message Board

Thread: The Angry Guy in the Chevy Truck

Thread: Time Line Issues:

scooter said...

I've been following the case since 2005 and I've never really believed someone drove her car with her in it that night, but who knows? Of course it doesn't really matter what I believe, but I do know there's enough rumor in the case to stretch across Georgia a time or two.

I think evidence is scarce and think that the GBI has done more than enough investigation to make an arrest if one could be made.

The Professor said...

Thanks, Janet. Those are good links. You are correct, Scooter. There is conjecture all over the place about this case. I have also seen that any time you mention this case, there are a boatload of people out there who get sensitive and touchy over the discussion. I realize that Tara Grinstead's disappearance was a tragic incident, but good earnest discussion about the merits of any case is a good thing, as someone might run into something that might make a difference.

Unknown said...

You're welcome Professor, more "black/dark truck" discussion at below link as well.

(The Car Seats)

Fox News Network

November 7, 2005 Monday


Search Under Way for Missing Woman

Excerpt: Quote --
VAN SUSTEREN: How tall is she?

GATTIS: Five-three.

VAN SUSTEREN: So five-three. Did anyone get into the car to see if this car seat was set for a five-three person? I mean, I'm very particular, I'm five-three, about where my car seat is.

GATTIS: Right. From all indications, the seat was further back than she normally had it.

VAN SUSTEREN: Significantly back?

GATTIS: I'm not sure how significantly, but further back than someone her height. And the passenger seat was very far back.
-- End Quote

From LexisNexis .. so therefore unlinkable

scooter said...

Good observation Professor. Lots of folks get bent out of shape for some reason when someone publicly examines the facts of this case. I think there's lots of face to save in some quarters, or at least it seems that way.

gabrielgreen said...

Dear Professor, I recently [2011] came across a video on Ms Grinstead on you tube..several nights later i dreamed of a girl who looked similar to the dream there was reference to some type of medical assistant performing a heart exam on her..then the scene changed and i was in the presence of a fairly young woman with short brown hair and a very nasty disposition..also the dream made reference to a stocky white male dressed in a reddish leather jacket and green pants..i only saw him from the back..when I awoke the word "mine" kept going through my mind..then the question also dogged me[no pun intended] of why the police didnt allow her dog to go search for her..anyway..perhaps this is all nonsense to you..who knows..but then again..since I have two daughters of the same kind of moved something inside my heart..who knows maybe every little bit regards, John

Abby said...

A family I know from Morton Washington was missing their son for a month, his name was Austin King and was eventually found with the help of a psychic by the name of Sonja Grace from Portland Oregon. Maybe she could help. God Bless

Debbie said...

This crime was not a random crime because the individual or individuals left no evidence behind . it makes you wonder if this person is not firmiluar with law or crimminal proceedures. i think she had a boyfriend that was a police officier . How can a person commit a crime and leave nothing behind . no broken windows or locks .it was someone she knew and trusted . he would know how to commit the perfect crime. Marckus and associATES would be good candidates . sucide would be done in a place you feel comfortable .