Friday, August 1, 2008

Will the body be released soon?

The men who have claimed to have found the body of a Bigfoot in the North Georgia Mountains are now saying that they have sold the body for about ten million dollars. This came from the mouth of one of the men, Ric Dyer, on the internet radio show, Squatch detective, which aired on Monday night. However, they claim that they will release video of the body on September 1st. The two men have posted videos on Youtube under the screen name rdyer678 if anyone would like to check them out. They have very unconventional ways of promoting their message. In fact, they seem to have a vendetta against Matt Moneymaker, the owner of the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, and Loren Coleman, the owner of Cryptomundo and famed cryptid researcher and author.
According to their story, as told by Dyer on the Squatch detective radio show, the men are NOT Bigfoot researchers and never had been before they supposedly found this body. Dyer says they stumbled upon the body, and then proceeded to purchase equipment to haul it out of the North Georgia Mountains over the course of a day and a half. He also says that as they were dragging the body out of the woods, they felt they were being watched by other Sasquatch. They also claim to have photos and video footage of living Sasquatch and will release those pictures and videos later this summer as well.
There is a great deal of controversy surrounding these events. First, the two men seem to be very abrasive and braggish. They claim to be the "best Bigfoot trackers in the world." But on the radio show Monday night, July 28th, Dyer said that we should all understand that 80 percent of what we hear and see on their videos is just to sell t-shirts and make fun of the Bigfoot research community. So, there is really no clear indication of what their intentions and purposes are. Again, according to Dyer, they have sold the body to a third party and are not going to be supervising scientific inquiries and examinations of the body. However, he did indicate that there were three people that he had chosen to see the specimen before the September 1st release date. Steve Kulls, the owner of is one of the men who has been chosen. You may monitor his site for more updates.
Is all of this true? Many of my contacts in the Bigfoot research community that I interviewed for my upcoming book believe it is a huge hoax. Others in the community at large are perplexed about their methods. I have spoken with Mr. Dyer, and although he seemed a nice enough man, there are some things he did not reveal to me, and without those details, I cannot say for sure what is truly going on here. Indeed, I hope they do have a specimen, as that will solve the mystery and give the scientific community a springboard from which to leap in to genuine scientific research about the creature. If they do not have a body, then this will be a black eye to them, but also to the Bigfoot research community as a whole, many of whom have latched on to this tooth, nail, and claw. Only time will tell. I would suggest continuing to monitor their website and their Youtube account for more details in the coming weeks. The countdown is on. If they are for real, we are one month away from a big unveiling.

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