Friday, August 15, 2008

Georgia Bigfoot Body is a Hoax, But Georgia Bigfoot Is Real

The press conference has come and gone. As suspected, Tom Biscardi provided nothing new or nothing concrete during the Palo Alto, California conference. All that was done was Biscardi introduced Matt Whitton and Ric Dyer, the two hoaxsters who have perpetuated this lie since the middle of the summer. Biscardi also presented what Fox News called "blurry" photos of the head of the supposed creature. Biscardi claims that he will assemble a group of scientists to examine the body in the coming days and still says he wants popular Fox News anchor Megyn Kelley to come and see the body too.

For those of you who do not know, Tom Biscardi has been involved in so many hoaxes, that anything he does now is suspect. Known anthropologist and Sasquatch researcher Dr. Jeff Meldrum of Idaho State University and author of Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science said as much during an interview with The Scientific American. In addition, the owner of, Loren Coleman, who is the author of Bigfoot:The True Story of Apes in America, basically said that the teeth in the animal's head looked like they could have been his late mother's set of dentures. Noone in the Bigfoot community of any note or merit is taking this seriously. As I stated on an earlier post, Whitton and Dyer are self-admitted liars. On Steve Kull's internet radio show on July 28th, Ric Dyer said himself that eighty percent of what they posted in their Youtube videos previously was lies intended to "piss off" the Bigfoot community. In addition, they also admitted lying about the true identity of Dr. Paul Van Buren, who turned out to be Martin Whitton, the brother of Matt. While it was true he was from Texas, he is not and has never been a scientist or Bigfoot researcher. The two lied about this, and it was only when they were caught that they played it off as a joke, which it was not. They only considered it to be a joke when they got CAUGHT.

So, what we have here is a pair of liars, by their own admission. Couple that with Tom Biscardi's sketchy past, and it is more than difficult to take anything this trio says as believable. I for one am tired of this ploy and feel that it will do nothing more than bring even more negativity to the field of Bigfoot research. What these men have obviously done is bought a Sasquatch halloween costume, dumped animal entrails on top, put in a fake pair of dentures, and billed it as a Sasquatch body. They obviously used the costume before they did all this to take those blurry photos in the woods. I wonder which of the two put the costume on and tromped through the woods like a moron to do that? Did they not know that it is dangerous to tromp through the Georgia woods in a costume like that? Guess not!!!

But you should in no way judge the Georgia Bigfoot community by the actions of these two hoaxers. They are not the real deal, and the only thing they are really good at is lying. If they have a body, which they don't, then let them produce it. I challenge them to call Dr. Meldrum, Esteban Sarmiento, Matthew Moneymaker, and a CNN or Fox News crew to do a REAL scientific examination of said body. In addition, I would like for them to produce the list of people who went on their supposed expedition back in June. I am sure that if they are the real deal, the patrons would not mind being associated with the "Best Bigfoot Trackers in the World." Also, I would like for them to produce the receipts they got when they purchased the flatbed truck and
freezer they claimed to have bought when they supposedly brought the body out of the woods. If they really did anything like this, then the receipts would be very handy, and I am sure that if they have lost them, the companies would be more than willing to verify the purchase. Afterall, these are the "Best Bigfoot Trackers in the World." Of course, none of these things will ever happen.

Although this body is a fake, there really is a Bigfoot in Georgia. The real trackers and Georgia Bigfoot investigators work every week compiling evidence and doing research to prove that the creature is real. Anyone who has ever done any research on the history of Georgia will know that the state used to be home to two very large and powerful Native American tribes-the Creeks and the Cherokees. The history of both of these tribes includes stories that sound a good bit like Sasquatch stories and encounters. In addition, reports in Georgia of Bigfoot sightings go all the way back to 1816. Sightings of the creatures still abound, especially in the North Georgia Mountains. The BFRO routinely conducts expeditions and research in the state, and there is even a website devoted entirely to Bigfoot sightings in There is so much evidence and history of Bigfoot in the state of Georgia, that I have written an entire book on the topic. The book will be out shortly, and I hope that it will shed light on just how true the existence of Georgia Bigfoot is. In that book, you will meet some true professionals who have spent many hours in the woods tracking these creatures. They have read tons of books, articles, and done their own primary research in the woods and fields of Georgia. In fact, one case is still being investigated and it is clear that the eyewitnesses in this case saw more than one Bigfoot on more than one occasion. But these guys do not go out and buy costumes and perpetuate hoaxes. They care more about the truth than their own careers. In fact, one is such a committed researcher that he has moved to the Pacific Northwest for a year to gain even more valuable experience in Bigfoot research so that he can do more and be more resourceful when he returns to the Peach State in 2009. It is their stories that I hope to tell. Nevertheless, there will be a chapter about this hoax, using the facts as reported by Whitton, Dyer, and Biscardi themselves. Hopefully, the world will soon see how elaborate of a hoax this is, and how credible the real Bigfoot research in Georgia is.


Lady Em said...

I can't wait to read your book. I had no idea their were bigfoot sightings in Georgia. Who would have thought? I do know that their are some strange going's on up in the mountains. I have heard a lot about alien sightings in North Georgia, and lots and lots of hauntings. My family has always been firm believers in bigfoot, I think one of the reasons is due to the fact that my grandmother is from the mountains of W.V., and that is just a melting pot of mystery up there!!

The Professor said...

Yes, West Virginia is supposed to be a pretty interesting place. Did your grandmother ever tell you any stories about West Virginia and things that happened in her area?

Lady Em said...

No not really, except that people are "different" up there, and you have to be careful. We did talk a little about the mothman. She and my grandfather remember when the bridge collapsed.
My grandparents actually built a house right up from the one my grandmother grew up in on a mountain there, and we are all convinced it's haunted. My mom took a ton of pictures of my sister and brother on the old foundation of the house, that was burnt down by vandals, and we picked up a ton of orbs in the pictures.
My great grandmother was a midwife to the mountain folk, and used to deliver babies and get payments like a goat or eggs. Pretty cool I thought. I would love to hear more about hauntings and such up there.