Sunday, May 6, 2012

Historical Marker to Be Placed at the Site of the Camp Creek Train Crash in McDonough, Georgia

I am fairly sure all of my readers remember my second book, In Atlanta or in Hell: The Camp Creek Train Crash of 1900. The book is a narrative history about the most tragic train crash in Georgia and one of the worst ones in American history.  The crash cost over 30 lives, and like any tragedy, heroes sprang from the midst of the wreck to take actions that would save the lives of those not already perishing in the murky waters of Camp Creek or in the flames engulfing the engine and other cars that were ablaze.  Researching this book and writing it were very eye-opening.  I was proud to be able to make this contribution to our community here in Henry County.

Recently, I received a call from a local citizen who feels as strongly about the wreck's place in our local history as I do.  The gentleman indicated that the City of McDonough was putting together a committee to have a historical marker placed at the site of the crash and that he would like for me to serve on the committee as well as be a guest speaker at the placement ceremony in June. I was totally humbled and honored by the invitation. We are meeting in the coming weeks, and I will keep everyone posted as to when the ceremony will take place.

It is magnificent news that the City of McDonough and State of Georgia are recognizing the tragic loss of life and the heroism that are all part of local and state history.


Caprice said...

It is quite time for the historical marker!
It just makes sense that you are invloved in this!

Alfred said...

Great news it is long over dew great work.

Paula Miller said...

I love this book! Actually I’ve read most of your books and I love them all!