Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Series of Posts for 2012

Starting this month, I am going to be focusing on the legends from Georgia's major cities in 2012. Of course, I will post other topics as they arise, but what I want to do is focus on the legends and folklore from the larger areas of Georgia, as well as highlight any tours or literature that would help acquaint my readers with those areas more.  Right now, I am focusing on the city of Augusta.  Savannah seems to be the most popular source of ghost stories and legends in Georgia, but what a lot of people do not realize is that there are gobs of legends and stories from places like Augusta, Macon, Athens, Columbus, and Atlanta.  In January, I will be focusing more on Augusta before moving on to Atlanta in February.  Hope you enjoy!!!


Caprice said...

This is a fabulous idea! Does this mean you will be personally checking out these locations?

Matthew L. Lewis said...

Just discovered your blog....and I hope it's not too late because my mystery search involves a creature who is/was definitely NOT from the big city. (although it's only about 15 minutes away)

Does anyone know of the Crumpton Booger from in and around the Fairburn/Campbellton area? Supposedly involves a widow Crumpton who lived off of Koweta Rd.

Thanks for all of your efforts and I'm enjoying your blog!!!

The Professor said...

Hi Matthew:
Yes, I am somewhat familiar with the Crumpton story. This happened in the south Fulton area, and I believe dealt with two older women who heard and experienced strange animals sounds and visits in the area. One time, the animal actually got under the house. I believe there may be a blog post about it on this blog. It has been so long, I cannot remember. Check it out though. I will look in the archived posts and let you know. Also, I believe I mention this story in my book Bigfoot in Georgia published by Pine Winds Press in 2010. Check the book out on Facebook. Happy Hunting.

The Professor said...

Matthew: Go back to the post On the Trail of the Georgia Bigfoot...Latest Sighting-Fayette County. I believe that you posted there too. That was almost a year ago. The guy who was EPGA has passed away. He was involved with the College Park or Forest Park Historical Society. He died of a stroke or something a while back. That is all I know about him.