Monday, January 16, 2012

The Haunting in Georgia Update: Movie in Post-Production

As most of my readers know, in March 2010, I posted an email interview with Joyce Cathey, the aunt of Heidi Wyrick, the little girl who is at the epicenter of the phenomenon that came to be a Discovery Channel episode called "A Haunting in Georgia."  According to Mrs. Cathey, Gold Circle Films had purchased Heidi's life rights with the intention of producing the film, The Haunting in Georgia.  This would be the second installment in the series of films that began with The Haunting in Connecticut released in 2009.
Recently, I was doing a little research on the topic again and I found out over at Internet Movie Database that the film is in post-production and will be released soon.  According to the site, the film will star Chad Michael Murray (One Tree Hill  and House of Wax) as Andy Wyrick, Heidi's father; Katee Sackhoff  (Battlestar Galactica and White Noise 2: The Light) as Joyce Cathey, Heidi's aunt; Emily Alyn Lind as Heidi; and Cicely Tyson in an unnamed role. I am not sure of her involvement in the project.  According to the site, the budget for the film is $9,000,000 (nine million dollars).  Oddly enough, it is going to be released on 21 June, 2012, in the Netherlands, but there is no mention of a specific date for release in the United States.  The film is listed as being in post-production.  For those wondering if this film was shot in Georgia, unfortunately, it was not. The filming locations are Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada).  It is about Georgia, but not shot in Georgia. Of course, it is not unusual for a film not to be shot on location near the place where the events depicted in the film happened.
Speaking of filming in Georgia, it is amazing how many horror-related films and television series are shot in Georgia. While The Haunting in Georgia is not shot here, it is about Georgia, but other very popular horror series are shot here.  Included in that list is Teen Wolf starring Tyler Posey; The Walking Dead, which most folks know about by now; and The Vampire Diaries, which is shot in and around Covington, including near the old Gaither Plantation.  Last year, I blogged about the cast and crew of The Vampire Diaries being spooked by odd things happening at that old plantation house.  Georgia seems to be a magnet for odd occurrences, and it now seems that it is a magnet for movies and television series about them.  Is this the Southern Hollywood now?


Kay C. said...

You need to fix this post as Joyce Cathey (as you point out for the film's credit's) is Heidi's AUNT not her mother. Heidi's mother is Lisa Wyrick. I just ordered Joyce Cathey's book about Heidi titled "The Veil." I am NOT looking forward to how Hollyweird will butcher Heidi's story as they did with Carmen Reed & the Snedeker family's story seen on the TV series "A Haunting: The Haunting in Connecticut." (as a side note; sadly, the protagonist of the story, her son Phillip, died this past January from the same cancer that almost killed him at age 13. May he rest in peace.) I was excited when "The Haunting in Connecticut" came out & within 20 minutes was scoffing & laughing at the crud they added for "dramatic purposes." As I can foresee, from the IMDb site, & the list of actors; the movie will be another barrel o' crap. I suspect Cicely Tyson will play the role of "psychic" which was done by Amy Allan, Dr. William Roll is now a lady, who I'm sure they will make a total egghead who will have "an experience" that will lead to HORROR & FEAR, so Cicely Tyson will have to save her. I suspect they will also make a mess of Mr Gordy & heaven only knows what garbage back story they will use. I will gladly wait to watch the movie when it's made available on my cable co.'s "on demand" rather than waste a lot of money to see this dreck. I' curious to know what it means for the to have bought Heidi's "life rights?" Ugh... I despise Hollyweird. As of the latest info, the movie is supposed to be released on April 18, 2013 but I'll bet it will be pushed back when it flops in previews.

The Professor said...

Yes, Kay. You are correct. She is the aunt, not mother. That was a typo. The post has been updated to reflect that correction. I try to proof these posts as diligently as possible, but errors sometimes get through, unfortunately. One sad note to add to this post is that Dr. William Roll passed away in January of this year. It is sad that he was not around to see the final wrap-up of this project.

Unknown said...

Sadly, the movie was horrible. It made the family look like a bunch of beer drinking hillbillies. I love Heidi's story, and have read "The Veil" which I liked. I was very disappointed to see the Wyrick's story ruined.