Saturday, December 31, 2011

Floyd County Man Finds Much Bigfoot Evidence in His Community

According to reports filed recently at the Bigfoot Field Research Organizations' site (, a Floyd County man has found quite a bit of evidence of Bigfoot activity in the area near Rome and Cedartown.
The man has taken his wife and daughter with him on several hunting trips. On one occasion, he and his wife found tracks. They alarmed his wife so that she wanted to leave the area immediately.
After contacting BFRO investigators, the gentleman was told about tree-knockings and advised to try to communicate with the animals in that manner. On the trip where he tried this, his daughter, who does not believe in the existence of these creatures, or did not at that time, accompanied him.  He did try woodknocking and got quite a response.  Read his reports at the BFRO website:

This area is growing, but there are still quite a few rural parts in Floyd County. These are interesting reports.


Caprice said...

Some friends told me they heard a security camera caught Bigfoot on film in Helen a few months ago. I would love to see that!

masterbarber said...

Thanks Professor, I'll add this info to the Georgia section at the BFF.

Pretty sure your friends are talking about the Lumpkin County Police dashcam. Here's a link:

According to the Sheriff it was a prank by some kids with a gorilla suit.

Unknown said...

Couple in Potash community in Cedartown claimed to see an eight footer behind their house near a creek. Less than a week later two hunters in Rome see a Bigfoot near silver Creek.

Daewoo said...

I hear wood knocks regularly and found huge logs stacked tee pee style. Too big for a person to stack. And why would anybody do it anyway. Shannon ga,north side of rome.

Daewoo said...

Rome. Lived about a mile away and know Exactly where it's located in silver creek

Scout Walker said...

These reports actually took place up on Booze mountain in Lindale. I grew up roaming all over this mountain as we lived at the base where the tree line butted up against our property. I’ve have multiple encounters and run-ins with these things going back to the early 1970’s. They still to this day frequent this area regularly,. I also had an encounter with a massive one while bow hunting up on Minshew mountain in the Shannon community back in September of 1992. People have no idea just how common these things are in this part of Northwest Georgia.