Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Haunted School in Chickamauga, Georgia

One of the better books I have read recently was by Leslie Rule, the daughter of famed writer, Ann Rule. It is called Coast to Coast Ghosts. In the book, there are a multitude of stories from all around the U.S.A. One particular ghost story was from Georgia, and it was actually about a haunted school.
According to residents of the town and teachers at Gordon-Lee Memorial High School, there are a lot of strange things that happen there. Some report hearing voices and laughter echo through the halls when noone is in the school. The school was built in 1932, and the main building was originally a boarding school. The town itself is the site of the famous Civil War Battle of Chickamauga. It is reported that over 25,000 people died in two days during the battle. Chickamauga, the town, was used as a headquarters for the Union Army. Nearby the town, and school, a sharpshooter, atop his horse, combed the countryside shooting at the Union troops and spying. He was killed in the midst of his spying, but legend has it that night hikers in the woods were the sniper/spy was said to have ridden his horse can still see a pair of glowing eyes. They have given the spectre a name-Phantom Green Eyes.

It appears that this little town, way up at the northern border of the state, has its fair share of legends!!!


The Doctor said...

My great aunt who lived there spoke of this apparition. You know this battlefield is well known for it's appearances of the other world. It was a horrible scene of carnage and bloody gore.

Java and Books said...

My cousins went to Gordon-Lee as did one of my best friends. Very interesting to hear this about the school. My high school history teacher did an overnight at the battlefield back in 1988 and actually saw Green Eyes. Said it scared the hell out of him.