Monday, June 21, 2010

Student Captures Video in Darien of What He Thinks May Have Been Altamaha-ha

Recently, I received a comment on the blogsite from a young man who is a student near Brunswick. Apparently, he was visiting Fort King Georgia near Darien a few Sundays ago, and he caught the footage seen on this video he loaded on to YouTube. After a few messages back and forth, he was able to describe the events of the day.

Bored out of his wits, he decided to visit the fort and go on the nature trail. As he came to the boat launch, he noticed an animal flapping around in the water. He took a few pictures with his Droid phone, but decided to try and capture video of it as well. The YouTube video was taken with his phone. He told me in his email that he wished it had been able to zoom closer, but this was as close as he was able to get with the phone camera.

He showed the video he captured to a woman who was working at the time at the facility. She told him that it was more than likely not a manatee because she had never seen one at that location. (I admit that this does not entirely rule out the possibility that it was a manatee.) He noticed a flyer about the local legend of "Alti", which is sometimes called Altamaha-ha, and he began to do some checking. He found some footage of a similar sighting in Florida. He also has been looking in to the behavior of manatees, and from what he has learned, the activity he saw from the aquatic animal he witnessed that day does not match what he has learned is the normal behavior of the manatee.

Check out the video. I have embedded it here, and I have provided a link to the YouTube video on the YouTube website. Simply click on the title of this post to see it.

So what do you think? Is there really a type of Loch Ness Monster swimming around the coastal waterways of Georgia?


John said...

A mini-monster?

well nice catch!, hope you follow I'm following you.


The Doctor said...

I have heard of this creature for years. It is hard to tell what he has found in this video, but it is big.

The Doctor said...

I forgot to say. I like the look of your blog page now. I can read it better.

Old crow said...

Thats not bad footage hard to tell if it could have been a dolphin because that is their behavior. There is one by my home with no dorsal fin so he looks funny coming out of the water. I am from Darien and I would say there is no such thing but as a child on the other end of the county me and 4 other people seen two large brown and black spotted hump come out of the water and ive seen manatees and dolphins and it wasnt either so who knows nature is full of strange creatures.