Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Haunting In Georgia: Interview with Joyce Cathey

Since opening the blog, I have had several people request that I do something on the Heidi Wyrick saga that was documented by The Discovery Channel's "A Haunting." The episode was called "A Haunting in Georgia." It featured the Wyrick family of Southwest Georgia, a family that had been tormented by the presence of spirits in their homes and on their family property.

Recently, I caught up with Joyce Cathey, Heidi's aunt, who has co-written a book about the ordeal called THE VEIL: HEIDI WYRICK'S STORY. Her co-author was Rebecca Harrington. Joyce is a very pleasant woman, who enjoys discussing what she and her family has gone through with anyone interested in learning about the subject. As a matter of fact, there is a movie deal in the works. I emailed Joyce some questions and she was kind enough to email me back the answers. Thanks, JOYCE!!!
The email interview is below. GM=Georgia Mysteries, and JC=Joyce Cathey

For those of you who are not familiar with this story, click on the title of this blog article, and it will take you to the website that the Wyricks and Joyce have established. Also, check out "A Haunting in Georgia" on The Discovery Channel.

GM:Why do you think what happened did happen to your family?
JC: We do not know why these things happened. This questions is asked a lot and believe me, we have searched for answers for the past 20 years and are still searching. I don’t think we will ever know for sure.

GM:What more can you tell me about Heidi's interaction with Mr. Gordy?
JC:Heidi began talking to Mr. Gordy at the age of three. Her initial interactions consisted of almost daily visitations and she’s had many conversations with him. She has memories of him pushing her on the swing and helping her learn to ride her bike. But after the Unsolved Mysteries episode aired she became the target of comical antics from her school mates and was treated very badly through her middle school years. Heidi eventually stopped talking about Mr. Gordy. She hated the fact that she was gifted, if you will, and tried to shut it out and as time progressed his visits became less frequent.

GM:Were there any negative vibes associated with Mr. Gordy?
JC: There were never any negative vibes from Mr. Gordy. She always did, and still does, feel that he was her protector of sorts.

GM:Have you or anyone else associated with the haunting ever contacted or been contacted by the Gordy family?
JC: My sister, Lisa’s mother, talked with Mr. Gordy’s daughter on a few occasions and also kept contact through letters. She visited with Heidi on a few occasions but lived in Florida. She asked Heidi to tell her dad that she loved him. Mr. Gordy’s daughter is recently deceased.

GM: Do things continue to happen now?
JC: Things still continue to happen although not as frequent as when she was younger.

GM: How does the family handle these things?
JC: Things were very difficult for the Wyrick family in the beginning because no one knew what was happening. As you know, it was several years before the connection was made and his identity was confirmed. The Wyrick’s had a lot of support through their family, friends, and also their extended church family. My mom was raised in north Georgia and a place known as ‘Hainted Holler’. She, too, was born with a veil and has always been able to see things, though her abilities were not as strong a Heidi’s. So we were always familiar with stories of the spirit world and believed that there was something beyond our own dimension.

GM: Tell me more about the book and how it came about.
JC: When the events shifted from benign to becoming violent I knew I had to document them. Initially I wrote them down just to keep up for our family, but interest throughout the community ran high and after recounting the same story over and over again, I had no choice but to publish the things I’d written.

GM: What can you tell me about the upcoming movie about the hauntings?
JC: Gold Circle/Lions Gate films bought Heidi’s life rights in March, 2009. The status has now in the production phase and filming is slated to begin in late spring or early summer. Hopefully, it will hit theaters in the fall.

I will be researching "Hainted Holler" as I can. This sounds like a very interesting place. Joyce even mentioned that she was interested in doing a book signing in McDonough at Bell, Book and Candle in the near future. I have been working on getting that set up with the owners of the bookstore. This is where I have done both of my book signings.


The Doctor said...

Good to see you up and running again my friend. "Hainted Holler" is the area between Cave Spring and Cedartown, GA and beyond to Chattoogaville. This area is very well known to me because much of my family are from there. The "veil" discussed here that was over Heidi sounds like what was over my grandmother and my mom. My mom always talked about "Tom" in her younger years and spoke of him only slightly in her elder years.
This is a very good interview. Have a nice evening my friend.

madge1967 said...

I am glad that you did a interview with Joyce Cathy. I have seen here documentry on the TV and also own the DVD about her hauntings. It is nice to know that she is doing great know with her faimly. I would love to meet her if the shop does another book signing!

The Kross Eyed Kricket said...

Proffesor! Its been a while. Hope you are doing well. Its funny that you posted about this story because I have seen the program on disvovery and my brother and I were telling my mom about the incredible story just the other day. I took your post as a sign that I should read the book but Barnes and Nobel does not offer it for the Nook unfortunetely. Maybe it will be available one day. Thanks for always providing me with something interesting to read on a rainy day (litterally).

The Professor said...

I think you can get it directly from the authors by visiting their website. Not sure what the costs are.

Emilie.Nelson said...

I work with ECP (East Coast Paranormal), which is based in Charlotte, NC. We were curious if anyone is currently residing in this house and if we may come to investigate. We would like to attempt to capture the spirits on video and with a voice recorder. With permission, we would attempt to release the spirits from the home. Please let me know if this is a possibility. Thanks, Emilie Nelson

Unknown said...

I've always wondered why the Wyrick family waited so long to bring God into the picture. There have been strange things that have happened in our house, as well. But we are a very stubborn and faithful family. We claimed the house as ours and asked Jesus and the Lord our Father to protect and they do. We no troubles. I believe whole heartedly in the Lord's Prayer. It's the most powerful prayer that can be used in these situations and continuous family prayer always wins out in the end.
Also, I think the professor they brought in was on to something in regards to the high electromagnetic energy. What he does not understand is that while that energy is indeed natural, so are the entities that used it to manifest themselves. It's not in anyone's head. It's completely real.
Thanks, Phil

Unknown said...

today i watch this episode for the second, now forgive me the first time i saw it a great feeling came ove to try to locate this family, however i deal with my own as well as friend's ghosts, so i did not listen to my feelings. Until today and now i feel i can not dismiss it this time. My name is Lourdes, and this is the first time i have shared that part of my birth name. I hope the family see this post and reach out, I can only share my visions and notes on what has come to me. I am again so sorry for not trying to reach out sooner, see i've had to deal with thuis all my life even remember the first, how ever if forgiven i can just share, and hear for you.

SHRYTE said...

It has been just over one year since the last post here Professor. Are their any developments in either your research or that of Joyces family? I know the family maintains its privacy, but it would be interesting to know some of the general things surrounding any solutions to past mysteries.
Thank you,
Joshua in MN

mycommentsjlojones said...

I watched part of 1 and all of the second episode last night. It seems that professionals in the paranormal know so much more now than they did when Heidi was young. I would like to see a group like TAPS investigate their house as well as the town their family was from. If that has already been done by professionals, can you please post the name of the group and where I can see it? thank you! In response to the person who wondered why they waited to turn to their church about this: the mom, Lisa addresses that in a round about way in the movie. She states that she felt it was evil and was blaming herself. My take-away from comments she made throughout the movie was that she probably felt ashamed to a degree, thinking that if they did go to the church her worst fear (that it was her fault) might be confirmed. She may have also felt that some members of the church might blame her family for what was happening to them too. If you recall, she may not have turned to the church right away but I believe she was praying about it all along, who wouldn't be? Imagine that you pray to God to make this go away, to protect your child and your family; then it not only doesn't go away but it gets worst; frightened and worn down, you would start to think that God's answer was that it IS your fault. Of course your intellectual mind would know better, that of course it wasn't her or her family's fault but remember, these people were scared and so beaten down by this that anyone would feel a wide array of emotions. Of course this is just my opinion. I would also like to know if trusted medium Chip Coffey has ever contacted or been contacted by Heidi. In his interaction with other people (particularly children) with this gift he seems to have been an amazing mentor. Again, just my opinion. I wish their family peace.

Javi said...

Is Jordan Joyce’s daughter???

Javi said...

Is Jordan Joyce’s daughter?????! I need answers

Javi said...

Is Jordan Joyce’s daughter?????! I need answers

Javi said...

Is Jordan Joyce’s daughter?????! I need answers

Unknown said...

I believe my daughter to be a medium. Where I can I get help for her to manage her fears of what she sees, hears and feels?