Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bigfoot Sightings Still Happening in Georgia: Clinch County October 2009

It appears that the hairiest residents of the Peach State continue to be noticed by innocent by-standers just passing through. The latest sighting in Georgia, according to the researchers at the BFRO, was in October of last year in Clinch County.

Clinch County is located near the Florida border. It is one of the largest counties in the state by land mass, and there are tons of acres of forested, untouched areas in the county. The report in question here centers around a couple who was driving through the area on their way back home to Florida. Here is what they had to say. I have taken this from the report issued at the BFRO. This report can be found at

And I quote: "On October 7, 2009 at about 11:30 pm , my wife and I were returning to Weeki Wachee , Florida from a trip to North Carolina . We were driving south on US 441 in an unpopulated area at about 65mph. We were about halfway between Homerville and Fargo which is slightly west of the Okefenokee Swamp . It was very dark with very scant traffic and we were the only car in sight. There were no other lights visible anywhere and no houses or businesses anywhere around. My wife had turned on the map light because we were getting low on gas and we needed to check the distance to the nearest probable area for gas. She was looking down at the map and didn't see it, but she sure smelled it. Years before , we had been camping in the Okefenokee Swamp and were aware of the wildlife diversity. I have hunting , camping , and Brazilian jungle experience and I am not easily frightened, but this shook me up. It was an instinctive reaction similar to when you have a surprise encounter with a poisonous snake.

I saw a very dark brown/black constant colored tall humanoid figure standing on the left shoulder of the road , quarter facing toward the road and toward the direction of our travel. The figure was standing still, very vertically erect with both arms loosely down at its sides. I couldn't see any facial features or individual features of hands or feet. I estimate it to be about 7 ft. tall and weigh between 200 and 300 pounds. It was lanky rather than stocky and was not crouching forward , but was standing very vertical. The smell coming into the car vent was very powerfull and was a combination of sewerlike and a strong musky animal odor. There was a small animal roadkill a few yards down the highway that was fresh , so that wouldn't account for the fowl odor. We conjectured that the creature had smelled the roadkill and came out of the woods to investigate. The hair on the head was long and stringy, but the rest of the body hair seemed only two or three inches long and layed down rather than sticking out in a fuzzy fashion. The thing that struck me was that I couldn't see any facial features or varied colors around the hand areas.

We thought about turning around to re- investigate, but in the middle of the night , I frankly didn't think it was prudent. We proceeded to the next major intersection to buy gas, and I asked the station employees if anyone else had mentioned something unusual or if there were any kind of unusual wildlife sightings in the area. They answered 'no'. That was the end of our incident.

All but one of the sketches I have ever seen of creatures anything like this , showed a more stocky crouching ape-like creature. What I saw was a tall, lanky , humanoid creature that looked almost "helmeted" because of the way the head hair fell straight down similar to a woman with long straight hair. I could see no neck . I don't know what I saw but I will never stop my car at night anywhere that area."

The above report was investigated by BFRO researcher Ken Johnson, who found that the couple was very credible. Johnson added this to the website as a result of his follow-up interview with the couple.

And I quote: "I spoke to this witness by phone, and he described his credible encounter in great detail, both in the report, and also as he related it to me. I can add a few details to his account after speaking with him.

The figure he saw looked tall and lanky, and looked rather 'spider-monkey-like' to the witness, rather than stocky and ape-like, as he has heard of other bigfoot-type descriptions. It also had arms that were longer than those of a human's, reaching almost to it's knees.

The animal did not seem to react, or to be concerned by the passing of their car, but seemed fixed on something nearby, possibly the road-kill that the witness and his wife mentioned as being a short distance down the road.

When the couple stopped for gas and asked some of the locals if they were aware of any unusual animal sightings in the area, one man told them, after hearing the description of the animal they had just seen, 'you saw a swamp ape'.

Additionally, the witness told me that this sighting had been quite disturbing for him, even though he is not normally shaken by most situations. He also said that if armed, and presented with a situation in which it became necessary to shoot at one of these animals, it's human-like appearance would make that very difficult to do."

Of all the Bigfoot research organizations that handle sightings nationwide, I trust the BFRO the most. Not that everyone else is lying, but the BFRO has such a vast network of supporters, a high standard for those conducting research and following up on reports, and a membership with diverse skills, that they stand very tall in a crowded field. If anything, this report signifies that people are seeing something in Georgia, and the activity continues to this day. Clinch County, if you know anything about it, has a lot of the very things that Bigfoot researchers tell us are needed to sustain such a species. Interesting.....


The Doctor said...

This creature sounds like the "skunk ape" that for a better name describes him. I believe it has been spotted also in Florida. I remember back in the 1970's someone hit one with a car but it managed to flee the scene. It is the smell that gives it away. The appearance sounds like those of other witnesses. Very good article on the subject.

Old crow said...

I am from Mcintosh Ga close to about two counties over from where you are talking about. And two people that I consider credible have described a creature to the same likeness dark colored kind of skinny with long lumbering arms. Both near the Altamaha river swamp last sighting 1 month ago. I had a similar experience while frog gigging way up a creek some sort of creature started beating on the trees and yelling with a blood curdling scream like I have never heard its hard to describe he just sounded angry like he wanted us to leave. feel free to contact me for more info I have also seen the redwolf in the county. Love your website keep up the good work.

Guardian said...

I'm 52yrs old. Growing up in the country our home was about 2.5 miles from the border line of Ft. Stewart, Ga. My father was boen in 1911, so he had the opportunity to hunt all the land before the military made a base of it. After the starting of the base he made friends with the Commanding Officer. The CO stated that as an experiment the goverment had flown a male and female of every animal they could collect from all over the world and stocked the area with them to see how they would adapt. He also stated that experiments at the base were going on to enhance certain species. All I can say for sure is that from my fathers time up until I moved several years ago; there are places in all those thousands of acres that soliders haven't placed a boot in over three to four decades, and knowing the goverment the way I do, there is no telling what else may be there.

The Professor said...

Wow, Guardian. That is quite interesting. Like you, I bet the government is up to things we cannot even imagine.

Unknown said...

My name is Brett Grant and I witnessed a large hairy creature across hwy 17 in Mcintosh County Ga November 19 2012 at 10:23 am.....I.surely believe it to be a Bigfoot..I can be reached at 912 258 8967...