Sunday, December 13, 2009

Book Signing at Barnes and Nobles Was Great!!

The book signing at Barnes and Nobles in Morrow, Georgia this past Friday night was great. Although we only sold about six books, that was great for a big chain book signing with a regional book. Bell, Book and Candle still holds the record for my train crash book. The book signing there sold 24 copies, and so far they have sold almost 50 copies of the book. They are really great promoters. I appreciate all that they do.

We are working on a date for the first book signing for Bigfoot in Georgia. I plan on holding it at Bell, Book and Candle as well. That will more than likely be some time in the early part of 2010. Also, I have been contacted by a lady in Dublin, Georgia who wants me to come and do a book signing there. I think we may try to set something up for the early spring on that one.

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The Doctor said...

It is good to see that your book is doing well my friend. And it sounds like you are enjoying the book signings also. That is what it is all about, providing information people want and getting some gratification for it. It always makes one feel good to see their word in print. That way you know that it is appreciated. Folks do not realize what all goes into writing and publishing a book. It used to be more complicated than it is today especially in our computer age. I remember the days of writing and typing everything on an old tired typewriter. But it is always fun to write something that others will want to read and also provide historical information at the same time. Take care and keep up the good work my friend.