Friday, December 4, 2009

Article on the train wreck in the latest edition of Georgia Backroads Magazine

I am pleased to announce that the article I wrote a little while back on the Camp Creek Train Crash of 1900 is one of the featured stories in this winter's edition of Georgia Backroads Magazine. The magazine's website can be accessed by clicking on the title of this blog article. The cover is pictured above and is taken from their website, This is an interesting magazine that includes great stories about Georgia history, travel, and nature. I wrote the article about a year ago even before I had the contract to publish the book. The article was revised to include a copy of the cover of my book and some of the photos in the book. Check it out. I love this magazine.

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The Doctor said...

Congratulations my friend. This should give more exposure to your new book. You know that train wreck was a terrible thing and many lost their lives that rainy night in Georgia. Maybe one day McDonough will be able to get a marker for this site on the highway.