Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Weird Animal Spotted in Montgomery County-Could It be a panther or large cat???

Periodically, I peruse the website of a local radio station near my hometown. They carry news, obituaries, local sports, and other things that interest me as a local from that area. Today, I looked at their site, and the first article was about a weird animal sighting near the community of Long Pond, which is a small community in Montgomery County, and is also the subject of a post about the Legend of the Long Pond Oak Trees I posted last week. Here is the text of the article from their website, which I have also linked on this blog. Just click on the title of this post and it will take you right to the site.


What Was That??
Tuesday, 03 November 2009
November 3-- Do you have any idea what Jim saw? He provides the following story about what he saw late Monday near his home in Montgomery County. If you think you know what he saw, email us at zfowler@vidaliacommunications.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .

"At dusk yesterday I drove up to the house and was greeted by my wife on the side porch with our two shelties. The dogs were barking and dancing around aggressively. My wife commented that they had been going on like that for the past half hour. As I walked up to the porch she exclaimed, “Jim what is THAT?” I looked across our yard toward the wood line at a side profile of a grayish brown feline shaped animal. (the head was hard to make out and appeared to be much darker) The animal was easily three times the size of our shelties and did not move for about 30 seconds. I said, ”It looks like a very large bobcat from here.” The feline shaped creature turned back toward the woods and slowly strolled off. As the animal entered the woods I saw a tail shaped like a hook swinging back and forth.

We live on a 200 acre spread just outside of Long Pond.

Thanks, Jim Beall

This is quite an interesting story. It sounds like a panther or large cat of sorts. There are quite a few reports of large cats roaming the woods of Georgia. This area is heavily wooded. It is a rural county of Georgia.


The Doctor said...

This large cat could be a panther or it could be something else. If the head was darker than the rest of the body this could be just a very very large cat that has grown in the wild. It would be nice to see it. I know that there are some very remote areas in that part of the state and there are a lot of animals that roam those woods.

Caprice said...

It is a black jaguar!
I just know it!
They're coming!

Neil Russell said...

I'm in Bulloch county (Statesboro), not all that far from Montgomery, and for the 30 years that I've lived here I've heard stories about big cats.
The earliest I heard were in Screven county (Sylvania) and usually involved a black cat or panther.
Usually I chalked it up to overactive imaginations, but in the last couple of weeks a close friend showed me the spot where he says he saw a big cat jump across the dirt road where he lives and hop up on a small rise.
He says he could have passed it off as a large dog except it did a quick 360 degree spin and looked at him the way a house cat will do.
No reason to doubt his word on it, no more than I would doubt the Montgomery county sightings.
I'm surprised that big predators like cats aren't spotted more often.
Mainly I'd be interested in seeing some sort of serious investigation into the potential population and the traveling habits of these cats.
Panthers, cougars, mountain lions, or whatever the name, they are beautiful animals and worthy of study and protection.