Friday, September 25, 2009

The Camp Creek Train Crash book is now available

The book on the Camp Creek Train Crash is out. It is now available online and in bookstores. It is on, Booksamillion. com and at However, it will be available locally and during a book signing with me at Bell, Book and Candle on John Frank Ward Boulevard soon. My great friend, Caprice Walker, has agreed to do another book signing.

Here are some links (Click on see all new titles or click on South and Georgia to see my page.) (This is Caprice's place..If you love old, creepy places and books at the same time, this is a MUST VISIT!)


madge1967 said...

Thank you so much Professor for your wonderful book and also signing it for me! I took it to work! All my co-workers were impressed to say the least!
Great job and I am looking forward to the next one!
Oh, I am looking into the Warren House in Jonesboro. Past tenets have found an 1860'2 to 1900's old journal in the old home years back. They took it to the "Clayton County Historical Society" I'm going to look in the “Clayton County Archives” for it.

The Doctor said...

The information should be at the Archives in Morrow where much of the county info has been taken.
Also, thanks Professor for writing a book about the wreck. McDonough is even discussing putting a marker on Hwy 42 at the site. I gave them the info they needed to request the marker. Hopefully, everything will work out with that project. Have a nice day.
The Doctor