Saturday, February 14, 2009

Tours of McDonough Memorial Cemetery

My friends down at Bell, Book, and Candle, (Caprice and Dan) and I will be conducting tours of the McDonough Memorial Cemetery today at 5:00 p.m. The tour will highlight some of the same people as the ghost tour, but will also include a number of historical figures not on the tour. We will also be covering some history of American funerary customs, symbolism behind toombstones, and general history of McDonough and the cemetery itself. We envision these tours to be on the Saturdays when there is no Haunted History Tour. There is no Haunted History tour today, so the cemetery tour will take place. We will meet at Bell, Book, and Candle at 5:00 and then everyone will drive themselves out to the cemetery, which should only take about three or four minutes to get to from the bookstore. I am not sure how much the tour will cost today, but future tours will be 10.00 per person, with a discount for small children. Contact Bell, Book, and Candle for more information.

Come and join us for the tour. I will be speaking along with Dan and Caprice. One of the stories we will cover will be the brutal murder of Adam C. Sloan in 1892. We will also talk about the Dickson family and visit the grave of Mayor J.B. Dickson, his wife Grace, and the many children the two had who died in their youths. Ruth Elizabeth Dickson is also buried there in the family plot and we will talk more about her suicide.

Email me if you have any questions.


Wren said...

Color me there, will bring a friend too, human before you spook on me ;).

So as of yet no idea if there is going to be a cost?

Loving your blog post, but thought you were going to put more up? *taps foot and wonders where the rest are?*

madge1967 said...

Wren, Bring them on!
I will try not to scare you in the cemetery when the tour is going on!
Oh, It's every other weekend and $10.00 dollars per person.

Wren said...


So you are going to start the tours now that the weather has done a 180 and gone back to Georgia weather again?

I said on the first run through tour we need tiki torches to carry. I mean Dan will really get into those, trying to scare some people ;).

Only way you could scare me is if you channeled my piano teacher and produced her dreaded ruler!

I love cemeteries no matter if it is day or night. I hate what the living do to them , but the final resting place its self has always been a true testament of beauty and peace to me.

Starting when though and on which weekend? Leave it to me to ask the questions noone else will :P

Caprice said...

Hi Wren,
The first cemetery tour will be this Saturday, the 14th.
I believe we decided to start at 6pm. Is that correct, Prof?