Monday, February 18, 2008

Bigfoot Researchers in Georgia

As I have been writing a book on the legend of Bigfoot in Georgia, I have uncovered something quite startling, not the creature itself, simply because I am not looking for it. On the contrary, I am just writing its story in the state. But what I have found is that the many people in Georgia who are looking for the creature and feverishly trying to prove its existence, are individuals who are quite stable, and sound in mind. Yes, I realize that is not what one might expect when it comes to this type of phenomenon. Usually, when one hears the words Bigfoot hunter, the images conjured up are of those on the fringe of society who have very little to do other than tromping through the woods armed with rifles, chewing tobacco, and a six pack of whatever brand of suds makes them happy. This is not at all what I have found, even though the many elements of Hollywood often give us that image as fact. The many men and women in Georgia that seem to be involved in the chase are oftentimes well-educated, professional, worldly folks. Although I cannot use his name, one of the sources for my book is a longtime Bigfoot hunter who spent many years in our armed forces and is right now carrying on important medical research that is international in scope. In fact, he recently traveled to Asia to carry on research that is designed not to bring him riches and fame, but to help the countless, faceless numbers of men, women, and children, who are victims of, let's say, a mishap with nature, find the medicine that they so deserve. Does this sound like a kook to you? I have spent many hours on the telephone with this gentleman and I can tell you that he has more wits about him than most of the academics I have met in the course of my career. In addition, I have already mentioned Wayne Ford of the Athens-Banner Herald by name. Not only is he well-educated, but he is also a gifted writer who has traveled, studied, researched, and familiarized himself with many facets of life outside the realm of journalism. In fact, how often is it that mainstream journalists take their personal and professional time to seek the truth of matters such as this when most in their pathway of life would shun not only this topic, but anyone who gives it more than a passing glance?
There is also Steve Hyde, who is behind the website, who is not only a graduate of Georgia Tech, but it also active in his community, and has made friends with many in the law enforcement and education establishments. This doesn't sound like a person off his rocker to me; does he to you? There are also the many research organizations that are located elsewhere but maintain a field of researchers and contacts in Georgia, in addition to a database easily accessible online. One is the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Reasearch Organizaton, whose head, Bobby Hamilton, had an encounter with the creature as a child. A simple Google search on Hamilton will produce enough information to lead one to the conclusion that he is quite the normal guy, one that just believes science has yet to discover every animal out there in the world.

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