Sunday, July 12, 2009

Airline Bridge Road in McDonough

I have had several emails about Airline Bridge Road in McDonough. I have never been out there, but I have read on the internet that it is a strange place. Some report that when you cross the bridge, your car dies for no reason. Others say they get strange and eerie feelings when crossing the bridge.

From what I understand, there are quite a few housing subdivisions in the area. Has anyone had any experiences there they would like to talk more about?


Anonymous said...

lol.... its a waste of time. just some nice homes. its not even a dirt road and your car wont die.

lol but i bet the people that drove by were wondering why a car was sitting out there while me and my friend were peering over the bridge

the other half was closed for local only. ill probally have to check that out and actually go under the bridge.

Caprice said...

Hi Prof!

Kate told me about something that happened to her at the bridge several years ago.
She and her friends had heard that if you stop your car on the bridge something dramatic is supposed to happen, like some force moves your car across the bridge, or something to that effect. Kate & company stopped their car sometime after midnight and waited. Nothing happened, so they moved the car off the bridge and to the side of the road and got out to take pictures. While walking around, they suddenly heard an old woman mumbling (or chanting) and then the sound of someone walking under the bridge and up the side, so they left - abruptly.
Now, could be that there was an actual old woman out there after midnight just out for a good walk and chant - maybe it was her walking under the bridge. I don't know, but that's her experience on the bridge.

The Professor said...

Interesting, Caprice. From the bookstore, how would one get to Airline Bridge Road?

Caprice said...

Kate did not drive and does not remember how to get there.
Have you asked Dan?
Do you want me to ask him for you?
You might not have his email address.

Caprice said...

Dan said to take Hwy 81 toward Haritage Park. Turn left onto Lake Dow Rd. Airline Rd is either off Lake Dow, or Lake Dow turns into Airline. Dan said that if you came to the store Sat. the 25th, we would take you to it. Kate said she would join us to make sure we go to the right bridge. Apparently, there is more than one bridge on Airline.

Gisele said...

I have a home near this place off camp creek. What other mysteries are around Mcdonough? I have heard there is an old battlefield somewhere in McDonough that is supposely haunted?

The Professor said...

The only battlefield I am familiar with in McDonough is out at Nash Farms. I have never heard any reports of ghostly or suspicious activities out there. But I will keep my ears tuned in for anything.

In terms of hauntings around McDonough, I would suggest the Haunted History Tour given by Bell, Book and Candle on Saturdays at 5:00. Also, the book Haunted Memories of McDonough is really neat.

Anonymous said...

This bridge isn't haunted...and cars don't die there. People park there cars next to the bridge to go down to the creek to get high. I am one of those people! :)